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Khao Lak Beach Attractions around Khaolak Area

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Khaolak BeachKhao Lak Beach (Hat Khao Lak) is about 80 kms North of Phuket International Airport. The sandy beach, studded with smooth granite boulders, extends for many kilometers. With its tranquil and rustic atmosphere Hat Khaolak is becoming popular, especially among European visitors.

Bangsak BeachBangsak Beach (Hat Bangsak) this Tambon Bang Muang beach is a long strip of fine white sand shaded by casuarina trees. About 20 kms north of Khaolak Beach heading to Takaupa town.

Thai Muang BeachThai Muang Beach (Hat Thai Muang) is a spectacular stretch of sand, 13 kms. long with clear water and an adjacent golf course. The beach is clean and swimming is excellent.  From November to February, sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach.  As a result, local inhabitants customarily go view the turtles on moonlit nights.

 Similan Island National Park

Similan IslandSimilan Island

Under Sea at Similan IslandMu Ko Similan National Park A group of  9 small islands, 50 kms. off the west coast of Phang-nga in the Andaman Sea. The National Park covers an area of 80,000 rai. Skin Diving Magazine rated them among the ten loveliest places on Earth, because of the great natural beauty found on the islands themselves the extensive surrounding coral gardens beneath the waves.

The islands are undeveloped and unspoiled; numerous species of fish, crustaceans, and other forms of sea-life abound; water clarity and diving are excellent.  Similan is corrupted from the Malay Sembilan and means nine.  From north to south in order the islands are : Koh Bon, Koh Ba Ngu, Koh Similan, Koh Pahyoo, Koh Miang (two islands), Koh Pahyan, Koh Payahng  and Koh Hu Yong.

Similan IslandSimilan Island The largest island in the Similan archipelago has a large granite outcrop shaped like a horseshoe with a panoramic view of the Andaman and surrounding islands from its crest.

Koh Similan is an excellent location for hiking and snorkeling. It encompasses a long curving bay with powdery sand beaches and wonderful underwater scenery. Beneath the shallow, clear waters, coral reefs and colorful fish abound. Spiny lobsters in rock crevices, sea fans and plume worms can be found in a small bay on the west of the island.

Surin Island National Park

Surin IslandMu Koh Surin National Park is located in the Andaman Sea and covers an area of approximately 135 square km. The five islets of Koh Surin Neua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Kai and Koh Klang were declared a national park on July 9, 1981.

Surin Island The Surin Archipelago is highly rated for its excellent diving and snorkeling. Mu Koh Surin is close to the marine boundary between Myanmar and Thailand. The two main attractions within the national park are Surin Islands and the Sea Gypsies.

Khao Lak Lamroo National Park

Khao Lak Lamroo National Park
Khao Lak-Lamroo National Park
, Takua Pa covering parts of Thai Muang, Kapong, Takuapa, and Phangnga Town districts this park lies about 33 kms south of Takuapa Town on Route 4.

Ao Phangnga National Park

Ao Phangnga National ParkThe marine park is 12 km from the provincial capital in the districts of Amphoe Muang, Takuatung, and Koh Tao, with a total area of 250,000 rai, or 400 sq km. It was declared a national park on April 29, 1981.

The expansive, turquoise extension of the Andaman Sea is composed of a mass of limestone islands that protrude from the sea in different shapes and sizes. Caves and beautiful bays together with rock formations and mangrove forests are some of the park's major attractions.

Sri Phangnga National Park

Sri Phangnga National ParkSri Phangnga National Park was founded in honor of His Majesty the King, to celebrate his 60th birthday anniversary. The park lies in Khuraburi District, about 100 km north from Phangnga provincial town.

It occupies an area of approximately 250 sq km. The national park is rich forest with a large variety of flora and fauna. It is a great place for all kinds of mountain activities, including camping, hiking and the study of tropical plants and trees.


WaterfallNam Tok Lampi is in Mu 6 of Tambon Thai Muang off Petch Kasem Rd. (Route 4) on km 32-33.  Turn left at a gravel road junction and go about 1.5 kms.  The waterfall is medium sized and divided into three levels, each about 100 meters high.  It flows year round.

Nam Tok Tone Prai is a large waterfall with water flowing year round. At km. 28-29 of Petch Kasem Rd. is a gravel side road. Turn left and go for 7 kms. Then continue on foot for another kilometer. The hike to the falls is most enjoyable during dry season.

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